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Where is the place of Knowledge?

There are not many problems in the world. There is only one problem manifesting itself in numerous ways. Therefore, there are not many solutions, but only one solution to the only one problem which manifests as ill health and disease, suffering and poverty, sadness and unhappiness.


Issues appear as problem to man only because man has no understanding of the circumstances. Understanding is an offshoot of knowledge. Once man becomes knowledgeable about an issue, the issue seizes to be a problem.


The singular problem and source of all problems is ignorance. And the singular solution to all problems caused by ignorance is the knowledge. Ignorance represents darkness while knowledge represents light. Problems do not dwell in light, they dwell in the dark. Once the light of knowledge is beamed on the darkness of ignorance, the habitation of problems is destroyed and they begin to melt away on their own like cobwebs exposed to light and ventilation. So if knowledge is so important, then why is it not given to everyone by default?


Knowledge is available to all. Like everything else spiritual, true knowledge, which when processed becomes wisdom and power, is not resident inside of man but on the spiritual side. However, each of us has been given a key to connect to and access knowledge. It is now up to us to discover, sharpen and put that key – our mind – to the best use in terms of connecting us with the universal library of knowledge which is the solution to all problems.

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Ask now and you shall Find Answers to questions that Religion is either hiding from you or has no answers for.