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What is the Law of Compensation

Glaringly, some people are born into wealth. From childhood to adulthood, they enjoy the best of everything. They live in porche houses and have smooth access to all the good things of life including holidaying around the world. Yet some others are born into poverty, with barely enough resources to take them through basic education. To survive, they depend on leftovers from the rich. They work so hard but earn so little.


So, how come we say Nature is fair when it’s ‘evident’ that the rich is favoured above the poor? How come we insist that Nature is incorruptible when it is apparent that some are naturally ‘lucky’ at the expense of others? What chances does the poor have in community where the rich and wealthy takes it all


First of all, you must understand that the rich deserves the riches they get while the poor attracts the poverty that comes to them. This is very hard talk but it’s the truth. It’s not as though the wealth of the poor was stolen off them and given to the rich. Nature is too incorruptible to allow that. Each person receives exactly that which he deserves – by his spiritual works. But if there are genuine cases of people who did get what they did not deserve, then the government of the universe (Nature) will invoke the Law of Compensation to set things right and maintain its equilibrium state.


If anyone, by force or by trick, came into wealth that he did not earn and therefore was not granted him, nature will ensure that person pays back every resource with all accruing interest. This payment comes in the form of suffering to the person. In the same vein, if anyone came into suffering that he did not attract or earn, then nature will ensure to compensate him if full, with the enjoyment equivalent of the undeserved suffering he was subjected to. This is the Law of compensation.


Now there is no more excuse not to continue to serve even a wicked master cheerfully, knowing that Nature’s got our back by the Law of Compensation. Even if we served for years unpaid, still our full entitlements will come to us somehow when the season is right. Nature always ensures that.

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