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What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion?

Religion simply refers to all man-defined practices, rites, routines, doctrines, processes, etc. by which man believes human can worship and connect with his maker for the great benefits therein. There are as many such different practices as the number of unique nationalities of the world because virtually every nation has its peculiar custom, myths and ways of identifying with the ‘other side’…


It is generally believed across all religions that there is some omnipotent power by which human and all creation came to being. It is believed that this “super power” does not reside in the physical among his creation but in some invisible and invincible spiritual state outside of the material world. All aspects of human endeavour that relate to deeper search, and establishment of connection of the human spirit with this Source, is termed Spirituality.


While the search and finding of the truth is the goal of Spirituality, men suppose that religion is the way to reach that truth. People who practice religion believe that it is the way to Spirituality, but the controversies and distraction of religion, the fight for supremacy among religions, the bondages of religion, have introduced so many demerits which have almost completely removed the chances of religion leading to spirituality. More and more people are enjoying Spiritual Awakening – without the help of, or need for, religion – with their spirit now able to connect with the very spirit from which the spirit of man originates – Source. Such people, having found and continuing to draw knowledge and understanding from the spirit side, have found life to be much more fulfilling than their counterparts who see and live life only from the religious perspective of things.

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Ask now and you shall Find Answers to questions that Religion is either hiding from you or has no answers for.