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What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is very precious, more precious than diamond. And just as you have to pay the price to own a piece of diamond, so also has knowledge been deliberately hidden that you may first pay the price of hunger for it, and then deliberately seek it before you are rewarded with the prize of the finding of it.


Please note that unlike academic and canal subjects which are processed in the brain alone, true (spiritual) knowledge is downloadable only from Source, the keeper of all knowledge that was, all knowledge that is and all knowledge that will ever be. This connection is possible because first, each of us is a piece of the Source. It is only natural that we remain connected by default to our source just like every drop of water in nature is ultimately connected to the ocean. Now, this piece of source that we are is housed in our body, just like you would put fluid in a bottle in order to carry the fluid around. Secondly, the source has us a channel via which we can tune our pieces of his spirit that we represent to hear and download from him at will.


Knowledge is a very crucial part of our works in light. Without knowledge, our works – even when they appear good in our eyes – are carried out blindly and therefore may not be acceptable to the Creator. Evil is not something we can conquer without first having an understanding of it. If the reason you don’t think or do evil anymore is only because you have been told it is not right to do it, then you have not attained righteousness. But if the reason you do not steal anymore is borne out of genuine love, and understanding that in taking what does not belong to you, you are merely triggering a cause for another to also reap the harvest of your own hard work in the future, then you have come to knowledge in the area of stealing and therefore have truly overcome the evil of stealing.

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Ask now and you shall Find Answers to questions that Religion is either hiding from you or has no answers for.