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What is Destiny; who determines our Destiny?

In the beginning, each of us had a clean slate in terms of what lies ahead in our future. But by our thoughts and deeds we plant seeds of good and seeds of evil every minute, every hour and every day of our sojourn here on earth. By this daily ‘planting’, we determine the fruits that we ‘reap’ in our lives tomorrow.

When we plant evil seed, we reap evil fruits in due course; when we plant good seed, we reap good fruits in due course. And once planted in our thought, in our deeds and in our relationship with fellow men and nature in general, there is absolutely nothing that can stop the appropriate harvest from coming to us. In his fairness and incorruptible spirit, Source by his programming of Nature, cannot allow evil to come to one who by his thought and deeds and relationship with Nature and Creation has not planted the seed of evil. Man cannot reap that which he has not sown. Conversely, good thoughts and good deeds and good relationship cannot but beget good fruits.

By our own very thoughts and deeds on a daily basis, we each determine our own very destiny, which once written (by us) cannot be erased. Put differently, the reward for good and the punishment for evil is resident in same Source, and is dished out to us according to our (spiritual) works. It would only amount to corruption on the part of Source if by prayer or any means whatsoever man successfully avoids the fruit of punishment for his evil deeds, or he is denied the fruit of reward for his good deeds.

There is not one source of Good and another sourcee of Evil but one Source of All. The Source by itself is neither good nor evil; it is just fair, pure and incorruptible. The entire spectrum of good and evil is resident within Source, but man has the free will to decide by works which range of the spectrum he wants to belong

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