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What Are Spiritual Opportunities?

The way to demand and win nature’s attention concerning your need, and therefore get what you want, is to give that same thing that you want to another who is in need. But it is not enough to just give because it has been suggested to give that you might receive that which you seek. That will not work. For the concept to work for you, you must give in LOVE. Love is the fertile ground in the spiritual that grows your giving. Without love, your giving will produce very little or no fruits. But with plenty of love, your seed will return to you bountiful harvest.


To answer your prayer for money for example, God would probably do either or both of two things. Give you a seed to sow or give you a fertile ground to sow a seed on. The first He can accomplish in whatever way he pleases. He owns Nature and all that is in it including events, weather and none animated objects. If he chooses to use an enemy, a neighbor, a brother, or make a creditor pay his debt to you, it’s entirely up to Him. He sure has a way to provide bread to the eater and seed to the sower.


The other side is of more significance. He could bring you into a situation that draws your emotion of pity, care, empathy, sympathy naturally, without anyone controlling or manipulating your thought. This is the opportunity I am talking about. Watch out to sow in this kind of opportunity. When you GIVE under this influence, you are sowing on very fertile ground. And giving is usually to your family members, your neighbors, and your community. Don’t look too far to give. Nature has already placed you in the family and community where your giving will be most effective. The love that is prerequisite to your giving is already presented in your family members; that’s why they are called loved ones. Giving is charity, and charity begins at home.


As precious stones are wrapped in mud and ore, so are opportunities wrapped in problems and challenges. To the ignorant, this kind of opportunity is problem to be run away from. But to the spiritual, the problem is only an opportunity to call upon nature to provide according to Mat 7: 12.

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