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Poverty to Prosperity | Universal Laws

By observance of universal laws, we can transcend from low levels to high levels in the pyramid of wealth and prosperity.  The 4 levels of Wealth are: Poverty, Comfort, Wealth, and to Prosper


Poverty: This is your status in the material when your status in the spiritual is complete Ignorance. You do not have the knowledge that you have inheritance in the spiritual, not to talk of connecting to it and manifesting it. You struggle all by yourself but the best result that you get can hardly puts food on your table. Because you lack knowledge, you lack power as well, therefore you do not have your own say. Life pushes you around, dictates your actions and inactions . You have no choice but to take whatever comes your way. But as you listen to my teachings, and you extract the knowledge therein, you will become knowledgeable in the things of the spirit. This new knowledge will develop your mind and help your spirit attain connection with your creator. Once that connection is established, the spirit of the creator will help you digest the knowledge to extract the power contained in it. As you accumulate this power, the power will begin to move you up the ladder from the level of ignorance to the level of knowledge; from Poverty to Riches, by application of universal laws.


Comfort: At some point in the knowledge acquisition process, you attain some level of intelligent to come to the discovery of your inherent gift or talent, which you then start to explore for your economic benefit. Your own intelligence and your own effort together are able to bring to you just enough wealth to live in rented apartment, pay bills and take care of your everyday need. By the end of the month, your earnings just balance your expenses and you barely have extra for other things. From this point onwards, it becomes obvious that beyond attending a university, or reading a particular course, or living in a particular country or area, beyond hard work and other Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors, there is a another side to wealth. This becomes glaring because when you quantify the effort that you put into your work and compare that with another’s who is not even as learned or as hard working as you, you are wondering why he is getting greater results than you. What you do not know at this level is that there is something the other man is doing that works in his favor. It does not matter whether he himself knows it or not, or whether he does it consciously or unconsciously. So what could this thing be that has set your colleague above you on the wealth ladder even when it appears that you are much better prepared in terms of training, education, hardwork etc.


Riches/Wealth: Here you have come to the realization that the best result that your own struggle, intelligence and efforts can bring you is mere Comfort. Therefore, you look beyond yourself for greater results by exploring spiritual principles and making them work for you. Principles are simply Universal statements, mostly found in the bible as taught by Jesus Christ stating that if you do this, you will be rewarded with that. Anyone, irrespective of religion or any other factor, who practices principle will gain by it. Even non Christians have come to understand, practice, and reap the benefits of principles, more than the so called Christians who have abandoned spirituality – Universal Laws- and now pursue religion. By the knowledge and practice of principles, slaves have become masters. And by the ignorance of same, princes have become slaves. No wonder “servants are riding on horses, while princes are trecking like servants”.


Prosperity: Beyond just keeping principles, your spirit has established deep connection with its source at this stage of prosperity. By MEDITATION, you have clear understanding of the things of the spirit and you can literally take blueprints from the spirit and manifest them in the material. You are now a co-creator with God, a friend of Nature and therefore have access to all things, including wealth, with Nature. Money is not even in your mind anymore because you have realized that the earth and it’s fullness is God’s, and that He is only using you as a channel to get riches and comfort to others. At this stage, you become like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither, and whatever you do shall prosper – Universal Laws

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Ask now and you shall Find Answers to questions that Religion is either hiding from you or has no answers for.