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A Spiritual Wellness Coach is a teacher that helps you change the things that you do not want about your life by changing your perspectives and the way you relate on a deeper level. Instead of simply examining and basing judgement on your behaviors and habits, they delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection with your INNER.  They show you how to work with the laws of the universe to get what you actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way.


Spiritual Wellness Coaches are people who live by spiritual principles and not the just every day logic and societal conventions. They know how to make miracles happen, and they help others live happy, fulfilling lives based on the practices that have worked for them. Many people might confuse Spiritual Wellness Coaches with religious leaders, but these are two very different things. You don’t have to be religious to work with a Spiritual Wellness Coach – you just have to be open to deepening your connection with the nonphysical part of yourself, your INNER.


Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. Working with a Spiritual Wellness Coach can reveal your life purpose to you and help you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live. A Spiritual Wellness Coach can help you find who you really are and heal your old wounds so that you can move into a better, brighter future.





With Spiritual Wellness Coach, you will be able to change gears from being a victim of circumstances to taking responsibility for your own life.  They can help you redefine your focus, away from any negative energy and its effects to positive energy.  They understand that as a man thinketh so is he, and so can help you shift thinking from despair to appreciation.


You may have lost a loved one, or you may be struggling through divorce, or you may even be experiencing a mid-life crisis, and yet not feel comfortable talking to anyone, be it friends and family members, about these issues due to a fear of judgment and ridicule. But such barriers don’t exist between you and Spiritual Wellness Coach.  They will assist you in a private setting where you can unleash how you feel deep down inside so as to make room for growth and healing.


On matters relating to fundamental life issues, it’s much more rewarding to work with professionals who are in congruence with your sense of spirituality.  With a Spiritual Wellness Coach, you will be in a comfortable position to talk about life in a more meaningful way, and you will feel safe and secure when opening up to them.  Rather than judgements, concerns, or mocking comments, you will only successfully induce a deepening of your faith and improved sense of spirituality when opening up to Spiritual Wellness Coach.


Mistakes are just one of the ways that we learn, and your he keeps that in mind. Nobody mocks a child for falling down when learning to walk, and your coach will not mock you for your mistakes or imperfections.  He would rather focus on helping you map out your next steps in life.





Sometimes we are so carried away in the chaos of the ‘external’ and in the drama that it brings around our own little corner of life, that we tend to see our world from a distorted perspective. We are packed with negative views but we do not know it and so go ahead to victimize ourselves through justifying our negative views of our lives. Sometimes it get so bad that we even blame the universe for our misfortunes.  The good news is Spiritual Wellness Coach can work with you to discover your spiritual and energetic hindrances to becoming your true happy self.  There’s solution to every problem if only we would search for it till we find it.


We all have our own spiritual beliefs which we want to keep intact despite the coaching. Before engaging the services of a Spiritual Coach therefore, you may want to find out first if he is on the same spiritual “page” as you. For example, if you are of one religious group, it might be hard to connect with another from a different religious belief, as you may not get the most out of the coaching experience when you and your coach do not share the same belief system, particularly in cases where certain beliefs and practices within your own religion are very important to you.


In many cases however, many people are still not certain about who they really are spiritually and are looking to find themselves in that respect. Working with a Coach can reveal your inner belief and bring your ideas about spirituality to the surface. Your Spiritual Wellness Coach can help you get clear on who you are and which forms of spirituality you connect with best. They can help you implement new spiritual practices that allow your soul to blossom and keep you connected to your divine inner wisdom.





Yet another essential virtue in coach-client relationships is Trust. But Trust must be developed.  You may want to ask deep questions with a view to testing the answers that you get and ensuring that even though they are new to you, they still align with your INNER.  Over time, you might come to trust your coach based on the alignment and relaxation that his quality of services brings to your being. And if you do not come to this point soon enough, then maybe you have not found the right coach and need to move on.  There is no bargaining the fact that your perfect Spiritual Wellness Coach will be someone you can feel comfortable with when discussing your deepest aspirations.


Spiritual Coaches know that there are two sides to life, the material and the spiritual.  They understand that the material is only a reflection of the spiritual; that the spiritual is the cause where material is the effect.  They understand that just as you can work hard in the material to make money so you can use the money to get what you want in the material, so also can you work hard in the spiritual by practice of principle to release what you want in the spiritual which then manifests in the material as the blessing that you seek.  They know what principle to practice in order to gain what benefit in line with the universal law that whatever you sow, that exactly you shall reap.


When you do find the perfect coach with whom you are in agreement, the effect of your working together will be phenomenal for both of you.  The power of mastermind, which says that where you could do a thousand things on your own, the two of you working together shall do ten thousand things, will come to play.





Life coaching really does change lives.  You just come to some point in life where everything appears to stand still and you don’t know which direction to go.  Some aspects of your life that used to bring you happiness go to sleep.  Of course, you may know the immediate cause of such change or what you did not do quite right that resulted in your ill luck, but working so hard to revert this cause does not change your situation, despite your efforts.  This is where a Spiritual Wellness Coach comes in, to be your confidant, mentor and mastermind whose little finger of help can pull you out of your situation and position you to attract even greater ‘blessings’.


In the physics of mechanics, you can link three systems together so power can be transmitted from one to another as exemplified in the gear system of vehicle engine.  As long as all three teethed, round metal plates have their teeth aligned to each other, and soaked in oil to eliminate possible friction among metals that constantly rub against one another, the three separate but interconnected sub-systems will work smoothly together as one effective gear system.  As it is in science, so it is with the larger universe and with human body, mind and spirit; and the spiritual wellness coach is the ‘engineer’ that understands how these things work.





When any one of these three, the body, mind and spirit, works out of harmony with the other two, friction is created.  Just as metal rubbing against metal results in wear, noise and heat, in the case of body, mind and spirit, misalignment manifests as sickness, diseases, organ malfunction and similar experiences.  Heat could manifest in your situation as misfortune and instability in relationship, finances, business, etc.  So, while you are seeing the actual situation and experiences as your real problem, the spiritual wellness coach sees beyond the immediate cause; he knows that any alternative s to fixing these issues, order than working on re-aligning the three facets of body, mind and spirit, would only amount to a temporary fix, which will not bring the joy and peace that you seek.


As the fluid in the mechanics example play such an important role in the working of the gear system and the gear system will not work outside of the gear oil environment, so is nature in the body, mind and spirit ‘system’.  Man cannot isolate himself from nature, by his beliefs and habits, and expected to attract prosperity.   As the oil has all the properties necessary to prolong the life of the entire mechanical system as well as provide the most conducive atmosphere to manifest its full potentials, so is nature the custodian of all that human requires to function optimally.





Have you ever experienced the joy of completion of a project, particularly an artistry project like casting or painting?  If you have not, then perhaps you have looked at a piece of another man’s artwork with so much admiration that caused you to consider the great imaginations on the part of the artist to bring that artwork to life.  Have you marveled about the pure choices of color, and the artistic skill behind every single stroke of brush or the artistic tool used in the artwork?  Now bring all of that imagination to bear in the possibility that just as this artwork is the finished work of an artist with so much intuition and robust imaginative faculties, and as the different crafts from buildings on the ground, to buildings swimming in the waters, to buildings flying in the air are finished artworks of great inventors, so is our own very earth with its vast resources of oceans, mountains, deserts, forests, wild life, and so on the artistic finished work of some very creative artist.


This beautiful artwork of His is called Nature.  But the artist of our world has been called by different names by different religions, but for the purpose of reference, let’s just call that creator God.  Nature is the Art of God.  Like a baby takes after its parents, so has Nature taken after its Creator.  In fact, the creator is fully reflected in His work of Nature.  When you see His work, you have seen him.  When you feel his work, you have felt him. When you appreciate his work, you have appreciated him.  We may not have to seek Him beyond His work of Nature.  He is alive is his works. He is alive in Nature. This is vital piece of information for the spiritual wellness coach.





Beyond the physical beauty, Nature also bears and carries the breath and the life of its creator.  Hence its ability to cater for all that the Creator has bestowed it with; to give life, to heal, to preserve, to repair, to co-create with its creator.  This living part gives the beautiful Nature the additional, perhaps the more important responsibility, of being mother to everything that its artistic look carry, from the petals of the flowers to waters of the earth.  With this responsibility therefore comes the term Mother Nature.


God is an orderly God. Mother Nature being the artwork of God reflects that orderliness of Him.  This orderliness is achieved in the practice of Laws and Principles put in place by Him, and enforced by Mother Nature as inspired on it by its creator.  In other words, Mother Nature now also acts as a God’s system of government.  This system of government ensures that one does not reap where he has not sown.  The system ensures everyone who breaks a Law is made to pays for it, while it is ensured that everyone who keeps a Principle gets the reward for it.  The system ensures that in the end, the world is a place, an orderly place where everyone gets not necessarily what he wants or prays for, but what he deserves.





But Nature is much more that a physical artwork of God.  Nature has and carries life.  It carries the breath of its creator.  Nature is a living soul.  This is why it is able to supply life to all of its inhabitants, for everything in nature carries life.  As Nature receives and enjoys life from God, so also does everything in Nature receive and enjoy life from Nature.


This is one of the angles from which environmentalists see Nature.  As a living soul that is being bled to death by the greed of man, through the speedy to deplete Nature of its natural resources.


Fundamentally, a paradigm shift is being propagated that man should not be in a rush to deplete the earth of all the natural resources that it took Nature billions of years to prepare and put in place.  We should stop seeing the works of Nature on earth as our inheritance from past generations, which we have the liberty to exploit.  Rather we should begin to see Nature as inheritance we have borrowed from our children and the future generations.   It is believed that this singular shift in mindset will generate harmony





For instance, lovers of Nature believe that man is putting the earth under so much pressure in terms of waste generation, ozone layer destruction, deforestation, depletion of the mineral resources all over the globe, etc.  As Nature is no longer able to heal itself as fast as these injuries are inflicted opon it, Mother Nature is literally crying.  However, even man is not spared in the consequences of the harm that it has caused to Mother Nature.


Following the law that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, whatever man has enjoyed in one area from civilization derived from the depletion of natural resources, he suffers in another area in the form of natural disaster such as typhoon, erosion, volcanic eruption, climate change, and many other side effects that affect man’s health and mortality on earth are.  As action and reactions are equal and opposite, so are the effects suffered by man proportional to the destruction of this beautiful piece of art by God.



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Ask now and you shall Find Answers to questions that Religion is either hiding from you or has no answers for.