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Rub Minds with Spiritual Law Teacher

“The best feeling ever is when you have attained oneness with Source, in solitude. But your mind must be charged enough to establish the requisite connection. Rubbing minds charge minds.”
– Akin Aregbesola, Spiritual Law Teacher


Akin Aregbesola is a not only a Spiritual Law Teacher, he is a doer. Depending on your level of spirituality, you many not find a one-way answer to your question or 2-page counsel on your situation very satisfactory or adequate. An interactive session with Akin will discuss different spiritual laws in details, how to apply then in real-life scenario, which to apply to achieve which goal, and so on.


Like iron sharpens iron, a lot can go right just by interaction. As a Spiritual Law Teacher, I have noticed that things can click silently just by being in the presence of each other. Healing can take place, ideas can jump in, masterminding can happen, the possibilities are just unlimited but actual happening is divinely controlled and therefore cannot be promised.


This is a one-on-one retreat between attendee and Akin Aregbesola. We shall share beliefs, testimonies, experiences with Source, and also discuss perspectives on issues like prayer, practice of Love, tuning to and hearing from Source, etc. This can last between 1 and 3 days at any location of attendee’s choice.


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