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How Can I Attract Nature’s Help?

Take a look at Nature. Observe closely the living as well as the non living things (actually Nature, with everything in it has life; nothing in Nature is non-living. From the sand of the ground to the grass of the field, from the grain of food to the trees of the forest, from mineral ores hidden deep in the ground to life in the waters of the ocean, is there any one of these that nature is not a good mother to? Has Nature not adequately provided for every of its elements and the complete eco-system, according to their various and respective needs?


Among 1000s of elements of Nature, only man has been bestowed with a MIND by which he can connect to the Creator. This is a special privilege accorded man to take dominion of the entire elements of the universe. Put differently, every other thing in Nature is subordinate to man and is there to serve man. Only man has the creative mind of the universe within himself. And only Mother Nature, that is the governmental system of the creator that manages the strategic and daily operations of the earth, influences and brings man under some form of logical control.


If what we have observed is an orderly system where Nature takes appropriate care of each and every thing that has been committed to it by the creator, then why does man fear and worry that Nature will fail to take appropriate care of him. Fear and worry are symbols of not trusting Nature to do its part. And Nature is disappointed in man whenever he shows this disbelief in its ability. Nature is repelled by the force of fear and is forced to leave us to handle by our own limited powers that which it could have lent us power to accomplish.


On the other hand, trusting Nature to always do its part, to solve our so called problems, to help us meet obligations and responsibilities that it has placed on us even when it appears that it does not care about us, is faith. Faith stirs and attracts Nature to our situation, and it is thereby able to bring its powers to bear in our situation. You can imagine the miracles that can follow when Nature harmonizes with our faith energy on a given task. Hence wherever man expresses faith concerning a particular situation, that situation is very much likely to attract Mother Nature’s attentions. Can you imagine the overwhelming effect that Mother Nature’s attention on a situation can have? That would certainly be seen as in the material world as ‘miracle’.

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