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“Sometimes, just a finger of support from someone who has been through that path, might be all you need to make it through your trying times”

– Akin Aregbesola


Religion may have promised you a happy-ever-after life; things may have worked so smoothly for you all your life; lack (of good things of life) may come to you only as stories because you have never actually experienced it. But be warned that there exists also the ‘other side’ of life, without which experience, life is not completely lived.  Therefore, let him who stands beware, lest he falls.


Life is a wheel of fortunes and misfortunes, times of highs and lows, seasons of joy and sadness. Nothing ever stays permanent. Everything vibrates, causing elements within it to shift positions. On one hand, knowing this helps us prepare indeed for life. On another hand, when times are not so good, we are assured that the season of good times will come around again.


In reality, life may sometimes appear to have unfairly left its wheel unturned for too long when its ‘deeps’ are facing us; it looks like we are left in despair to sort things out by ourselves. During this time, two is usually better than one as the companion can supply necessary spiritual encouragement and inspiration to not give up in the pursuit. He may not be able to magically lift us completely off our trouble for we must experience the hardship by yourself, but even a finger of support might go a long way to helping us weather the storm.


deepANSWER ministry here presents itself to you as that finger of support in your journey through the storm of life.


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