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Can God make rich suddenly?

Bringing you into sudden wealth would not be in accordance with God’s modus operandi. God is very orderly. He works and relates with man using principles. And he has an enforcement system in place called Nature that ensures that this law, this principle always delivers whatever it promises.


Unless this sudden wealth is some fallout of principle, it would amount to setting double standards and lead to confusion, for God to answer some suddenly and answer others by principle. However, this is different for the few who have practiced principle 100% and have attained direct communication with Source via meditation in a son/father kind of relationship. This category of persons is no longer considered mere man, but above the ordinary, and is therefore treated differently and in accordance with their harmony with Nature.


Generally speaking, growth is one of many principles by which God operates. God lives in eternity and has absolutely no need for hurry. Instead He works with so much patience that sometimes appear to be delay to man. For this reason, if God wants to give you a forest, He gives you a seed; in that seed he sees a forest even though it might take several years for man to see the manifestation. To give you 10,000 birds, He gives you just an egg. To raise 10 Billion humans on earth, he started with just a couple.


Attainment of true wealth must be consistent with this Growth principle.

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