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But I have seen people suffer all their life and die in suffering. Can you explain that?

Yes. As the law exists to separate the criminal from the sane persons, so also do principles exist to separate the wealthy from the poor. A principle is a Spiritual law. Nature will find anyone who keeps a principle and separate him from the society of those who do not observe the principle. Keepers of principle are separated from the poor and rewarded to become rich. This is the only provision to becoming wealthy. Those who know practice it and get results. Those who don’t practice it perish in their ignorance.


Wealth gotten through any other means order than via practice of principle is not genuine wealth, and must be suffered for. It is either you pay the price for wealth, fame, success and achievement before you enjoy it or you force your way into apparent prosperity now and then pay the price later, in suffering. The resultant suffering is not only commensurate with the pre ‘cheating’ but comes with interest as well. This kind of suffering can take a long time indeed to complete.


Now, when the universe is ready to promote you for your good deeds, it does not come down to your current level to hand you your reward, instead it invites you to come up to the higher level where your reward is waiting. This spiritual movement to a higher level is called spiritual transformation. The process sheds from you those old ‘things’ that you no longer need in the new life you are coming into. You are metamorphosed from the old you into a new you.


During this process which could last a couple of years, you are working at very low capacity like a computer being upgraded or a child undergoing teething. The replacements going on inside of you does not allow you to operate in full capacity. Your spiritual energy level is barely enough to support your everyday operations and therefore your works, your business, your marriage, etc suffer. Things appear to deteriorate during this period. If you had plenty before, at this time you will have very little. If your business was booming before, it will experience doom in this period. Put straight, you practically ‘suffer’ during this period that the universe is building your capacity for the new position and greater things you are coming into, in line with your life purpose and the virtues that you need to develop towards its attainment.


After this ‘dry’ season of course comes the rain, and things will not only work well for you again, you will actually recover all that you lost in the season of transformation as you enter your season on plenty as this kind of suffering is only temporary.

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