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Akin Aregbesola | Founder, deepANSWER

Akin Aregbesola wrote:

My first break-through in business came following my first ever ‘deep conversation’ with the spirit side of me in 2002. The business started as a computer training firm in 2003. By 2008, the outfit had transformed immensely to become a leading telecom training company in Nigeria, reaching its peak in operations in 2010.


Around 2013, things began to take a gradual but negative turn for me and my business. A series of minor incidents culminated into loss of my head office to fire in 2014. Times for the business grew from bad to worse. Eventually, all three branch offices across the country folded up by 2016. Thus, I unconsciously changed from an active and happy me to a shadow of my old self, from riches to just-managing, depressed and forsaken.


After the collapse of my business empire and during the depression that I suffered thereafter, I was shaken to my roots in all areas of my life – career, marriage, finance, personality. I began to feel insecure in the beliefs that I once thought had lifted and sustained me, so I started to ask myself deep questions. I sought after ‘men of God‘ to lay hands on me so as to reverse the ‘curse’ I was suffering. When I did not get the miracle I expected, I began to travel from one Prayer Mountain to another in search of God. Yet, the sweet ‘prophesies’ I got at these mountains simply refused to come to pass.


Next thing was I started to read books. I had already read about a dozen self-help bestsellers when I picked up this book that had been lying in my book shelf for about 2 years. I flipped through the pages and the scanning of it was making sense. Then I settled down to read it! That book was the start of the miracle that helped me look inward of me for the solution that I had searched on the outside of me all the while. Within a few days of reading of this book and for the first time since my misfortune, I began to feel peace within myself.


From that point in mid 2015 onward, I began to enjoy solitude and meditation. I recall how the mere thought of closing from work and returning to solitude in my room (as part of my misfortune, I had separated from my family back in the UK and had been all by myself) always excited me; and how happy meditation times were for me. For the 4 years that I was by myself, I learned a great deal – in meditation; my mind was renewed; old things passed away and all things became new for me. I increased in knowledge, in understanding and in wisdom. A lot of things, including the bible, began to make sense; so much that I transformed into not just a doer, but also a teacher of the lessons which I learn in meditation.


Now that I am fully recovered and doing great in Texas USA, I feel I have a clear understanding of spirituality – covering but not limited to midlife crisis – and how to resolve issues by the practice of principles. No other vocation interests me more than to help people with what I have learnt.  I am so passionate about helping people find their purpose, and more importantly leading them to the same light that made the journey a pleasant one for me. I have come to recognize this task as my own ‘calling’ for this second half of my life.


By the way, Akin Aregbesola has a first degree in Electrical Engineering (Nigeria), Post Graduate Diploma in Telecom (USA), Master degree in Business Administration (England); He is Certified Requirement Engineer and a Fellow of the Chattered Institute for IT (London). Since relocating to the USA, he worked briefly as a Telecom Contractor with a couple of ISPs before resigning into full time ministry as Founder and Teacher at deepANSWER.


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