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After I start to practice principle, how long does it take to begin to see results?

Now imagine that you commence today to practice principles or that you have been practicing principle for a while but have not started to enjoy the benefits thereof. Ideally, by the practice of principles, you bring yourself to the realm of blessings and promises of the holy book; but let us suppose you made a mistake that gave negative powers temporary victory over you, does that mean that you will lose the benefits of practice of principle that accrued to you?


Of course not; you may suffer for your mistake and by that suffering learn from it. But Nature will never deny you of your accrued benefits, even if the mistake results in your death. In due course, you will have paid the price of your mistake and graduate into your era of harvest of your accrued benefits. Even in death, the concept of life after death makes it possible to go on to either enjoy the benefits of principle you missed or suffer the consequences of evil perpetrated. So when you come into your ‘heaven’ wherever that heaven is, and nature presents you with your ‘cheque’, it will appear as though nature is partial and has favoured you over neighbours who have not earned similar cheques.


Second of all, have you noticed that while the rich are merely enjoying rewards for their ‘hard work’ the poor are busy working hard and paying the price to come out of poverty? Eventually, the poor successfully breaks out of poverty to become wealthy. This is how come almost all wealthy and prosperous people have a common history of struggle and humble beginning. In other words, poverty can serve as another opportunity to learn the ropes of wealth creation and to repeatedly carry out the learning process untill the principles are permanently mastered and poverty is completely eliminated.


Everyone who is doing well is doing well only in some material or spiritual class within a very wide spectrum of possiblities. At some point, he would outgrow that class and would gain promotion to a higher level. At the new level, it will be necessary to learn new and virtues that will help him attain and maintain the goals of the level. Higher responsibilities at this level attract the development of higher virtues as well as deeper practice of principle. This means capacity building and spiritual growth for the person; unfortunately, this phase can only manifest in the material as temporary suffering just as a child would suffer temporarily when it is growing teeth to graduate from taking liquid to taking solid food


If you are wealthy and happy with your current status, enjoy it because you worked for it, whether you know it or you don’t know it. However, you must continue to work in principle and remain connected to your source because a stream that is no longer connected to source will ultimately dry up. Let he who stands be wary, lest he falls.


But if you are not quite where you would love to be on the ladder of success, then there is hope. Continue to work in the knowledge that you cannot do anything order than to continue to work. To everything, there is a season; time to plant and time to harvest that which is planted. This is your time to plant; your time to work in principle. No matter how much hurry you are in to get a baby, you must wait 9 months after you have sown the seed that produces baby. In the same vein, no matter how much hurry you are in to become wealthy, you must wait the through the gestation of your labor. And only God knows what that gestation period is. But find solace in the observation that ‘the deeper the roots of a tree goes in the ground, the heavier the weight of the fruits the tree can support.

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