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  • As a mobile device can do only very little by itself without connection to its Server, so are we without connection to Source
  • As two metals wear off in friction when working against each but work efficiently together when in alignment, so do our material self and our spiritual self
  • As fluid is contained in bottle and can experience the environment by the bottle, so is our spirit contained in our body and can experience the world by the body
  • As every drop of water originates, stays connected, and ultimately returns to the ocean, so does our spirit originate, stay connected and ultimately return to Source
  • As remote control can convert science virtual to reality for our experience and enjoyment, so can our MIND convert energy in the Spiritual to matter in the Material for us
  • Inside a tiny seed is a whole basket of fruits that may never manifest unless the seed submits to the soil. Inside you is a great potential that may never manifest unless you submit to your INNER


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Pre-Midlife Crises

Everything is good. Life is fantastic, business is awesome, marriage is great, and things are working according to plan

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Midlife Crises

Something is wrong. Someone’s moved my cheese and life is no longer fair. I have lost my power to retain good things of life

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Post-Midlife Crises

Having clearly understood the reason I had midlife crises, and having worked on the Cause, things are starting to look good again

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What's deepANSWER about?

“No one has the key to your fulfillment, but YOU. There is only one key to your spiritual inheritance and Source has already deposited the key in you. That key is your MIND. However, due to long-term ignorance, your mind may have become too stale to trigger a connection with Source in order to open the door to your true potentials. But by my teachings, your mind can become charged again to connect with your INNER. It is your INNER and your INNER only, that can inspire, support and lead you away from the noise and deceit of religion and the world without, onto your true path.“ – Akin Aregbesola

Life Coaching with Akin Aregbesola

"That which you seek on the without is patiently waiting to be found and awakened on your within"

  • LAW
    • 6 Spiritual Laws That Can Change Your Life Completely
    • Relationship between Science and Spirituality
    • Meaning and Place of Spiritual Laws
    • How and Where to Apply Spiritual Laws in Life Situations?
    • How the Universe is formed around Spiritual Laws
    • Guarantees that Spiritual Laws work
    • What to do if it APPEARS you are not getting results
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    • By Practice of Principle, You Invoke… – RIGHTEOUSNESS
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    • By Knowledge, You Get Things Done – POWER
    • Your Knowledge is Treasures In Unearthed Vessel – WISDOM
    • You Become Confident and Bold In Knowledge – FAITH
    • Attract Good Like Flower Attracts Insects – PROSPERITY
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We believe that life is 2-faced even though most people focus only on the material, not caring about the spiritual face. Spiritual coaching brings you to the awareness that you can rise above most issues of life not just by getting a good education, but by connecting with your spiritual self and then superimposing and aligning your education with the knowledge gained by that connection.
Religiosity is not the same thing as spirituality. You can be religious but not spiritual. Even though the original intent of religion was to lead us to spirituality, religious activities coupled with assorted motives to deliberately keep us in ignorance have made this a difficult task to accomplish. So, everyone has to seek their own way to come to consciousness.
After coaching, you should have reconnected with your spirit. By the teachings of the spirit, you become knowledgeable and your knowledge gives you power to do things you could not do. Over time, you are no longer threatened by circumstances knowing that the greater one lives in you by whose connection you are able to do all things. The resulting peace from within you will be like a fruitful tree around which the birds of prosperity flock.
In the material, everything is earned. You always have to give something in order to gain something. As price tag on items in the market, so is Principle on ‘blessings’ in the spiritual. As you would have to pay the price to own item in the material, so would you have to keep the principle to own blessing in the spiritual. You will learn all about principles and the keeping of them, you will get all the inspiration and encouragement you need to practice them till you reap the benefits therein.


Founder, deepANSWER


Akin Aregbesola is Spiritual Teacher, with focus on Midlife Crisis. Akin administers Spiritual Medication to the once-rich, that they might come into wealth again; the once-healthy, that they might regain their health; the once-joyous that, by the practice of principle, joy might return to them...

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