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Meet Your Mentor, Akin Aregbesola

The Call to my “Hero’s Journey” came in 2014 while I was in the UK; first as mental incarceration, then loss of property and business.  I returned to my home country Nigeria and in 2 years, I had been to every place I knew, searching for quick-fix to my problem.  Disappointed, I began to look inward and only started to make progress in the 3rd year, having read books that pointed me in that direction.  But it took another 4 years of “Trials, learning, and rebirth” to prepare me for The Return.

I have fully recovered from 7-year losses, and doing much better than I ever did; first as resident Cloud Automation Consultant, now as Transformational Teacher &  Life Coach, in the USA, I guess it’s time to share my Story.

The Law of Cause and Effect

What you experience is mere effect and can be changed by altering the cause.  Be the cause of the healthy, wealthy and happy life that you desire.  The solution that you seek on the outside is on the inside.  If you would practice these, your mind will separate from your body, get charged, and connect your personal field to the universal field

That connection will bring you the knowledge, power, and wisdom that would lead you happily through the challenges of life.

Karma can be mitigated!

The saint was once a sinner, but by learning and “getting used” to it, he overcame sin.  And having risen above temptation and conquered sin, he can no longer succumbs to the pleasure of passion.

The learning that lifts one above sin can come in 2 ways.  One way is by direct experience of being in sin and reaping the repercussions of sin by the law of Karma.  Like a child that has had his fingers burned many times, he would have learned from experience to avoid sin.

The other way to learn is by knowledge, made possible via your connection to the universal energy field.  With this knowledge, you will exhibit compassion and radiate love.  Then you would have become…and there will be no need to go through the experience of Karma anymore, to learn that which you have already become by knowledge.

Video / Motion

Your spirit part is life energy contained within and around your body, and connects electro-magnetically to the universal energy field – source – just like every drop of water connects to the ocean.  With your mind, you can direct your thoughts to send and receive signals from source.  With this kind of connection, all things become possible for you.

True knowledge cannot be copied. It is released to you when the time is ripe to reward your search effort and quench your thirst for Truth.

Your Hero's Journey


The Call

Your call could come in the form of ill-health, auto crash, loss of property, incarceration, divorce, loss of business, etc.


The Mentor 

You are in a narrow-minded survival state; not in the right frame of mind to see the big picture. You need a guide.


The Trials 

The tasks ahead cannot be completed by intellect alone. You need guide from Mentor and Knowledge from Source.


The Return

The experience will transform you and release to you Power to come into your purpose, and live the life you dreamed.

Everyone benefits


The teaching will simply inspire your mind development to the extent of triggering it to connect with the infinite intelligence of the universal mind.  From that point, you will draw knowledge directly from source and may no longer require my teachings except for fellowship benefits.


3-day session of teachings and masterminding to create the coherent atmosphere for possibilities.  You will learn practical ways to align your thoughts and emotions to your dream and to surrender that big dream to the universe while you take care of only the small things.


I will empathically listen to your story and then recommend principle-based methods to navigate your ordeal.  Depending on the situation, I may be able to measure and influence your energy field, and/or recommend optimal meditation methods to reach your goal.

Quotes by Akin Aregbesola

  • "In the material, we exchange money for wants.  In the Spiritual, we observe principles for benefits"
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER
  • "The only way to truly change the image is to change the object.  Anything else that appears to alter the image is only an illusion."
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER
  • "Destinies are fruits, good or evil, that we must reap on our life path because we have already sowed the seed in our past by our thoughts and actions."
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER
  • "God is neither a good God, nor a bad God.  He is just as faithful in “evil” as He is in Good.  He’s a FAIR God."
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER
  • "The goal of religion should be to bring you to spirituality. Once spirituality is attained, religion has no more use.  If spirituality is not attained, religion is no use."
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER
  • "By education, we learn in the material, by knowledge, we learn in the Spiritual.   Education comes from outside-in, but knowledge goes from inside-out"
    Akin AregbesoladeepANSWER

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